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Key impressions from 2019's W-JAX conference in Munich.

This year's W-JAX conference did quite have it! Four devs from our company, including myself went there on Tuesday, coming back on Thursday evening.

The conference was packed with lots of very interesting talks and keynotes, as well as a large number of exhibitors like e.g. Check24, IBM, Adesso and Accenture. Many sessions covered topics in the field of Kubernetes and cloud infrastructure, with a series of presentations featuring especially serverless architecture and Knative. Very good coverage was also provided on methodology and organisation (agile & scrum, "(reverse) conway's law", CI/CD), as well as modern system design (domain driven development, service mesh).

All in all, this sums up to quite the information overflow, making it almost impossible to mentally keep track of the amount of input. Luckily, all the material is provided online after a few days.

My key takeaway from the event is that I'm going to invest some personal spare time into researching Kubernetes with Knative. With all the complexity that it involves, it's probably going to keep me busy way into 2020. I still feel that it's absolutely worth it, as the overall approach of scaling software at the functional level clearly is a huge trend that is going to shape a lot of our future work, and how we conceive systems.


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